Tranmere, SA


From all the projects that we have been privileged to work on to date, we have to be biased and say this is our favourite so far. Located in the beautifully leafy eastern suburb of Tranmere, this superbly new built architectural home, required a garden to match and enhance the design.

By creating different levels and spaces within the garden the owners are able to enjoy a relatively low maintenance lush garden, ideal for family and pets, whilst also having multiple entertaining areas for friends and casual meals.

To enhance the experience and optimise the space, a modern water feature, fire pit and outdoor kitchen area were also added, the deck complete with hammock area is ideal for reading and lazing about with a good book, and doubles as an outdoor cinema using a mini portable projector – perfect for those warm summer evenings when being outside is the preferred option.

Considerable time and investment was also added to lighting, with the garden revealing its true beauty at night with a series of LED and up-lighting, providing great shadows and warmth inviting guests to sit and enjoy the ambience the garden provides.

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