The perfect hedge for your garden

The perfect hedge for your garden

Want to hide an unsightly fence, or obtain privacy from an annoying neighbour? In this edition, we look at the top performing hedges for today’s gardens and lifestyle. With so many hedges now available, we have elected to focus on the most resultant and workable options as we know they look great, grow well and deliver the desired effect.

Leighton Green (Cypress)

The world fastest growing hedge – grows up to 1.5m per year, some have even been known to grow 3m in less than 2 years! This dense conifer is the perfect screening hedge plant for large areas and is often used on rural projects for driveways and as wind barriers. Requires continual maintenance due to its rapid growth and can grow up to 8m if left unchecked. Love this plant for its hardiness and rapid growth! 10/10

Japanese Box Hedge

Evergreen hardy hedge plant ideal for borders and small areas often used as a layering hedge in front of a larger variety. Light green glossy coloured foliage is inexpensive and easy to maintain making it one of Australia’s most popular hedge plants. One of our ‘faves’ at GDS! 10/10

Indian Hawthorn

A small dark green shrub and hardy as! Often suited to coastal areas due to its hardiness. When maintained and well-watered the Indian Hawthorn is an excellent alternative to the Japanese Box for small perimeter hedging, but if not well maintained it can become very woody and spindly, (this is more common to beach and arid areas). It can also suffer from frost damage in cooler climates or locations. 7/10

Syzygium Big Red Lilly Pilly

Similar to the tree it has red shiny flowers and can grow up to 4m tall, it is often preferred over the Photina, although both have very similar characteristics. The Big Red is ideal for all gardens  – a hardy plant, that can get a bit ragged if not maintained. 7.5/10

Photinia Robusta

A truly hardy plant excellent for screening. Grows up to 5m tall that will flourish anywhere creating a fast growing hedge for privacy and noise reduction. Suits cottage or European landscape gardens and while young has a red glossy leaf colour. Blossoms with white flowers and pinking seeds that can attract a lot of bees when in flower. Can look messy if not well maintained, plus the flowers and fruiting seeds will also fall, leaving a carpet of colour on the ground. Make sure you can accept this before selecting. 5/10


Silver / light green delicate foliage plant with thick bushy exterior once established. Due to its small leaves it can be susceptible to burning when young. Makes a fantastic screening plant for hedging if you desire an alternative to the other conifer or large leafy options. Delicate but look great 6.5/10

Sweet Viburnum

Hardy, cheap and robust! We have planted thousands of these across dozens of projects and I think we have only ever lost one. If you are looking for the ultimate hedging plant, that doesn’t grow too big or require too much maintenance this is it. Glossy leafy foliage, can be used from the hills to coastal areas. It can become a little woody over time but keep the water up and you will enjoy this magnificent hardy plant for a long time. Incredibly popular around Australia it is in the top 10 of all purchases Australia wide. Our favourite! 10/10


Like the Hibiscus, there are many varieties available from Little Gem to Alta and others, however generally speaking as a hedge or screening plant the Magnolia whilst looking magnificent is the most expensive. It must also be planted in the right position as it is susceptible to burning and can be temperamental. Be careful with this one and consider using as a feature plant or two in pots before spending lots of money on using this as a screening plant – there are better alternatives for this plant and use. 2/10


Beautiful dark leaf with exotic flowers. This is a magnificent screening plant or feature tree. Can grow very large and they are expensive if purchasing established specimens. Ideally suited if you want a more exotic or architectural design. They produce a beautiful large flower, but do require a large area in which to live and grow so suit larger gardens and properties. 6/10