When to water

When to water

Watering, the most important element for your garden as without water there is no life! So when and how to water is the vital key to a lush healthy garden.

Sounds pretty simple right, plants need watering, so turn on the hose sprinkler or bring out the watering can, water and then forget.  Wrong; to achieve the best result, minimise plant loss and   keep water bills down, here are a few handy tips that will can help the everyday gardener.

Choosing the right watering system, can save you thousands!

On most jobs if you asked us what is the one essential item that should be allocated as part of a new garden or re-vitalised garden ; the answer is irrigation. Sadly, this is often the first item that is removed from the project because of price or not enough installation time allocated to the job due to very tight completion dates. Lack of better than adequate watering means tedious ‘watering by hand with hose and watering cans’ or worse, loss of plants thereby wasted money in the long run.

Irrigation or simple watering systems do not need to break the bank. Fortunately there are several cost-effective solutions at hand, so let’s explore these to save you time and money.